FAQ Underwater

How do you photograph underwater?

Underwater photography presents it's own challenges ON TOP of the regular ones that you encounter on land.
The basics?
We (safely) dunk ourselves under the water, you pose and look amazing, i line everything up and take the photo.

How many pictures? When do I get them?

This is covered in more detail in the image packages section! Which can be found in the drop down menu under 'pricing'

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in Adelaide, South Australia and I LOVE to travel!
I have traveled all over Australia to take many fun and unique portraits. Seeing new sights and meeting new people is one of the main reasons why I find photography so enjoyable. My goal for the future is to travel overseas and really get to swim in some beautiful places.

Where can I see your underwater portfolio?

If you scroll down you will see a selection of my underwater portfolio! OR you can check it out on my socials!

Underwater instagram:


How do I prepare??

Never fear! Suzanne is here! Underwater modeling can be physically draining so its important to prepare before the session. To help with that Suzanne has put together a tips, tricks and information booklet that you will recieve asap before the session. This covers all the information about the session and loads of personalise tips and tricks from experianced models that have done underwater sessions with Suzanne in the past.

FAQ continued

How deep is the pool?

The hired venue I use the most, St Francis Winery, the deepest section is 1.5m. Editing can make it look much deeper! Various pools have various depths obviously and we can make magic in any depth. 1m to the ocean floor!

Do you do ocean photography?

I do! I prefer to keep the ocean for experienced swimmers and models that I have worked with multiple times before. The ocean can be dangerous at the most calmest of times, so I am very selective about who I venture into the ocean with.

Do you have spotters?

Most certainly. This is where some of the cost comes into it. Having a 2nd person there to assist and monitor everyone involved is step one of safety.
Even the most experienced swimmers can become panicked in shallow water, or a simple item of clothing becomes tangled so safety is at the forefront of each session.

Luckily I have never had to contend with any of those issues but its better to be safe than sorry!
ONE spotter per Model.
eg: 2 models = 2 spotters.

I can't swim? Can I still take part?

To ensure the safety of everyone involved, I would suggest taking the time to learn how to swim and in the meantime, we can have some fun with something a shallow water setup (usually no deeper than 2 ft) or if you like to have a bath, I do various bath setups too!

I want to involve my friend/partner/family member.

Wonderful! I have photographed groups underwater before and I especially love doing underwater wedding sessions.

No more than 2 people at a time is suggested for those who have never had experience with underwater photography, this is to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

I dont have an outfit?

You may be in luck! I actually have a large selection of costume pieces available that work amazingly under the water from size 4 up to size 26.

Please let Suzanne know if you are interested in hiring out a costume with the session and then she can start rustling up the items she has into a fantastic outfit!